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Joyous Every Day Living - Book by Beth Amine

Joyous Every Day Living is a fresh, mind-altering and practical guide to sustaining joyous, healthy living throughout one’s entire life cycle. The book combines art, poetry, writing and science for a multi-layered experiential journey into personal power and inspired living. It is a simple system for cultivating maximum aliveness through a combination of up-leveled thinking and lifestyle habits. It provides a new, positive, self-empowered approach to prevailing paradigms of how we must live and mature. Meant for everybody, first time spiritual seekers as well as seasoned students of self-awareness, it is an invitation to party till checkout time!


“Joyous Every Day Living is a fun, accessible guide to thriving through movement, expression and the realignment of our perspectives and choices. Through science, stories and intuitive exercises, Beth Amine provides each of us with the power and encouragement to flourish and reclaim our space on the dance floor of life.”
~Lisa Phelps, Attorney, Founder of SB Dance Sugar & The Dance DROP Dance Advocacy Organizations

“Beth Amine’s book is deeply needed in our times. A visionary with a wide-open heart, Beth engages readers with the depth of her insights, providing a road map which will show you how to shift your story from simply reacting to life, to consciously living fully with passion and purpose.”
~Patti Teel, Author, Audio Producer & Radio Host


Beth Amine has been dedicated to the exploration of self expression through multi-media art for over four decades. She is a teacher, speaker, writer, visual artist and dance performer. Her current focus is Joyous Movement, Fun Dance Fitness for Every Body and Ability, which provides inspirational movement classes for individuals with a wide variety of physical and cognitive capabilities. Her passion is to encourage joyous every day living for everyone through the arts, celebration and community.

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